Tuesday, 19 August 2014

My Back to School Series: Supply Haul

For back to school everyone buys tonnes of supplies and a month in everything has disappeared except that 1 freebie pencil that you're unsure if the hotel wanted you to take!

I was like that but now I know how to avoid losing all of my stationary and ensure that I have all of the right stuff.

So I wrote a list and bought all of the stuff (mainly from Ryman). Here is my list (sorry there is no pictures):

  1. Pens - A necessity but I only use blue ink (I think it looks neater) but for correcting my work I use red.
  2. Pencils - I use mechanical pencils as they NEVER need sharpened.
  3. Eraser - This comes in handy as I always make mistakes.
  4. Tippex - I use the tippex mouse as liquid often spills and if you use it too much the pages can begin to crackle when you turn them.
  5. Highlighter - I only bought 1 highlighter this year and it is bright green. I don't use them too much but they are really helpful for ensuring I memorise the most important points. (This is the closest I could get to what I bought).
  6. Multi-Coloured Pens - When I want to pour some colour into my notes I use these pens (fineliners) to write them.
  7. Ruler - It is required to have a ruler (30cm) for maths in my school but they are often too big to carry in my bag so I got a collapsible one!
  8. Maths set - required.
  9. Calculator - these are also required!
  10. Pritt Sticks - Although our my school gives us glue sticks, for gluing in extra notes, they always run out or dry out within a month of school - so I bought my own.
  11. Folders - carry jotters, homework or projects. Great and cheap!
  12. Post Its - I use Post Its to keep note of homework and anything I'm likely to forget (doctors appointments, coffee dates etc). They are also great as quick revision notes that I leave about the house (learning some -ER verbs while making tea!).
  13. Flashcards - great for quick revision while out and about, a lot of people swear by these but only use them if they help you study effectively.
  14. Notebok (large) - I use this for studying at home as I like to copy my notes out until they are in my head.
  15. Notebook (small) - Sometimes teachers only want you to take down certain notes but I want extensive notes, as it helps me while studying. This is when I might take down the extra notes in here. I also use this when doing last minute studying at lunch or if a teacher tells us to study for a test while in class.
  16. Homework Diary - I love these! I honestly swear by these and I believe that these are one of the few things that help me stay organised. I also use mine to keep note of my social life and other random stuff, I keep these in sync with my calendar in my room and my phone calendar as well as the taxis calendar (also known as my mum and dad's calendars!).
  17. Pencil Case - I saw this pencil case while shopping and fell in love with it; it is quite big and so pretty!
  18. Lunch Box - A great size as it isn't too big or too small! How cute is it!!!!!
  19. Water Bottle - This bottle is AMAZING! I heard about it a while back but after hearing another couple of people raving about it I decided that it was time to get it; the bottle is basically just a nicely shaped clear plastic bottle with a carbon filter.
  20. School bag - I got this bag back in January and I love it! It is perfect; pretty, quite big (but not too big), great shape and good quality! (This is the closest I could get to my bag).

This post is mainly for me as it will help me next year to see what I bought. I hope that it might have also helped you and I have 2 more posts in this series unless there is any requests!


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