Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Another Sorry

Why do I feel like I am failing at this?
Probably because after a month into school I'm already drowning in tests, essays and homework.
I have 3 posts almost ready but they need editing and should be up in no time!
I am also looking for Halloween DIY inspiration. If you have anything that you want me to do a tutorial on then leave a comment saying what.
Any Autumn posts then just ask...


Saturday, 13 September 2014

My Back To School Series: What's in My School Bag

My bag featured in my first previous post but this is MY BAG!

 This is like my mini home from home from 8am-4pm, Monday - Friday. So of course it is organised...

The mouth of my foxy bag
The pencil case poking out!
My pencil case and everything in it
My Casio Calculator
 First is my mouth pouch with my pencil case and calculator. This is great as I often need these things quickly so they can be grabbed easily.

 Next is the inside, which is split into different sections. I have the front area and and the folder area.
In the front I keep my phone and my purse.

My phone with the bright green cassette case
My Accessorize purse
In the front I keep my phone and my purse.

I also carry a spare bag with me as a girl I know had her school bag break on the way to school - on the first day of school! (I lost the picture!).

I also bring water as I need to keep hydrated! 

 I carry my lunch in this box (which I mentioned in my last post).

As I live in Scotland I HAVE to bring an umbrella.

 The main thing I wanted to talk about was my emergency kit! This is so important and it does vary from summer to winter but this is it right now.

On you go and have a little snoop...

I always use my BabyLips as I don't like wearing makeup to school and this brightens my face up but it also moisturises my lips.

Next I have hand sanitiser - do I even have to explain this - school is... eww!

So I also have tissues because illness spreads quickly at school.

Next I carry plaster because I always seem to have to give these out.

So one of the weirder things I carry is a cereal bar in case someone faints on me (you know who you are) or if I get a bit nibbley and I have no food other than this. (Sorry about the bad photo).

So I also carry Paracetamol with me because, as I said earlier, illness spreads like wildfire in school. 

One of my newest "members" of my emergency kit is to cover those stress break outs we get at school.

And of course I have to have my mini hairbrush and mirror set which is a lifesaver! I also have a mini bag of hair stuff and this means all the hair grips and hair bobbles are together.

 Next up is my folder area and this is more boring. This is an area with 2 folders, 1 for jotters and 1 for my diary, notebook and letters from the school.

In the last pocket I have my earphones and mints.

So that is my bag for 2014, hope you enjoy having a little nosey.


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