Friday, 31 October 2014

Quick and Easy Halloween Ideas - 2014

So it is Halloween and  everyone is getting ready for parties. Have you forgotten to buy something? Have you been invited last minute? Have you not got time to get something extravagant? Have you not got enough money to get something extravagant?

These costumes are all made of stuff that you can find around the house and there is no craft work to be done. I bought nothing to make these and I think that the best Halloween costumes come from things that are found around the house!

I think that the pictures should do the talking so here are my ideas:

1. Cowgirl

                                                                     2. Mickey Mouse
3. Football Fan

4. 50s Girl - Grease!

5. Cat

6. Bed Head or Baby  


Monday, 13 October 2014

Shopping Trip - Edinburgh

I love Autumn and I think that'll become clear over the next few days, but one of the places I think that makes Autumn even more special is Edinburgh.

After late night texting last night, my friend and I decided to get the train the next morning (today) and go into Edinburgh. The main intention was to shop but I think we both knew that we weren't going to spend a lot but were going to do a lot of walking about.

So after arriving early at the train station and bumping into my English teacher, I then had to wait for Pocahontas (she wants to remain anonymous!). Panic struck and I wasn't sure if she maybe thought that we were meant to go the day after, turns out she was just late! We ran and caught the train just in time. I was told that it was meant to be cold so I wrapped up warm but by the time we got  to Edinburgh the bitter chill in the air had disappeared and I was left boiling in my multiple layers.
I wore a H&M dress (can't find the link!), a pair of leggings as tights (to keep me warm), a woolly jumper from F&F at Tesco, a handbag from New Look, a tube scarf from H&M, black converse and a silver jacket. As some of my clothes are really old they aren't sold anymore!

We first started by walking about aimlessly and then decided that we should get an early lunch (Pocahontas had become too distracted by her TV to eat breakfast and I had only had a small breakfast). After debating while walking down multiple streets we decided to go to TGIFridays as Pocahontas had never been and I didn't believe it was too expensive. We arrived at 12 o'clock and it was reasonably quiet and got seated quickly. We quickly realised that it wasn't as cheap as I remebered it being and we began panicking (we are both trying to save up). In the end I ordered a Chicken Caesar Salad (it was only £10.99) and my friend ordered a Quesadilla  (also £10.99).
I loved the salad but Pocahontas wasn't too keen on her meal. The portions are huge, so she had some of mine, and the atmosphere is amazing. Would be amazing with a large group of friends!

We then began wandering and ended up in H&M, boots, superdrug etc. The shops weren't too busy as everyone was having lunch and there was a lot of summer sales (I feel another post coming on). We then began walking down Rose Street which is probably one of my favourite and there were many locals and tourists alike, including a group of teenagers from Colombia on an exchange programme. The atmosphere is amazing and I always feel like I'm in a different country. On our travels we found a lovely bakery, called Bibi's Bakery, where we both got a cupcake in a box!

My friend and I then went to Starbucks as she was wanting a white chocolate hot chocolate. It was super busy and they took our orders as soon as we walked in the door and then we would pay for them when we got to the till. They didn't have what my friend wanted, so she got a Vanilla Hot Chocolate and I ordered a Hazelnut Hot Chocolate. They were both "to go" and we headed to Princes Street Gardens. When we got there we sat on a bench and relaxed. Just people watching as tourists took photos, kids ran on the grass, couples held hands, and dogs sniffed the "wildlife". I had jokingly said that my name was Paula in Starbucks, which caused my friend to explode with laughter. She had never been to Starbucks before so this was a big moment but she loved it! We sat there drinking our Starbucks while taking ugly pictures of each other and looking at what we had bought (not that much). We then continued shopping and went to New Look and a phone case shop, the aimless walking continued and we then decided that it was time to go home and looked for train times, a 20 minute wait! So we went to WH Smith and looked about and then Boots, where my friend bought us popcorn. Can we please note how most of our money was spent on food!

We then caught the train and stuffed our faces with the popcorn. When we got back we said our goodbyes and that is my friend on holiday for a week, enjoy your travels Pocahontas!