Sunday, 8 June 2014

Healthy Living

Hi. Okay so you probably don't remember me. I am the girl who use to blog here. A long time a go!I've been busy lately with exams but it's only a month until my summer holiday and all my exams are over!

I've been wanting to do this "series" for a while. To begin with I just want to talk about a Healthy Lifestyle and what that means.

As we all know the media often likes to tell us how women should look and at this time of year every girl is seeing tonnes of pictures of girls in tiny bikinis with flat stomachs but so many people can't achieve this. That is why I think you should be confident in your own body!
However I don't agree with people eating junk food all the time and doing little or no exercise as this isn't good for your health! If you stuff your face then it is obvious that your body won't thank you. Please, please don't hate me for saying that!

So what is a healthy lifestyle?
In my opinion (Sorry, what?! Yes the girl who loves food is telling you about eating healthy...) a healthy diet is getting a wide variety of foods ensuring that you are getting the nutrients that you need. I would also like to say that a balanced diet is key!

I would advise you to look into things that people tell you. Just because everyone tells you that doing exercise in the morning is a good idea doesn't mean it is (actually it has been scientifically proven that it's best to do exercise between 3pm and 6pm). 

While looking into things I would get a wide collection of cookbooks if you can, these can be from the library. If you can't do that then the internet can be your huge cookbook! I got a vegan cookbook as it explained why some foods are great for you and others are dreadful. I haven't given up meat but the book showed me that there is a wide variety of foods that can give me what meat does.

I also need to mention exercise, honestly do whatever makes you happy and healthy. If you can and want to then join sport clubs or a gym but if that doesn't make you happy then just go for jogs, take up pilates in your own living room (DVDs and YouTube) or take walks in the countryside. There is such a large wide choice of activities that you can do.

The key to having a healthy lifestyle is making sure you eat and exercise but don't obsess over it. At the end of the day your dress size and weight is just a number but what really matters is the number of times you've smiled and the number of people you've made smile!


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