Sunday, 23 November 2014

Ed Sheeran Concert

So for months now I have been listening to Ed Sheeran's new album "X" and have been loving it!

So of course I jumped at the chance to go to the concert when I found out that I wasn't too late to get a ticket for the Halloween concert. I asked Pocahontas if she wanted to go to the concert and of course she also jumped at the opportunity.

So fast forward 3 months of listening to his new album "X" and we were really excited about seeing him live but of course I had got us tickets for Halloween and other people I knew had tickets for the night before so I was unbelievably jealous as they had less time to wait!

So as I woke up on Halloween my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat were filled with pictures and videos of the concert! I was sooo excited and my whole day was hearing about how amazing it was (and doing an essay, close reading and having a last minute homework crisis!).

So after school Pocahontas and I stayed late but when we EVENTUALLY left we grabbed her bags for the night and we drove to my house.

I started helping her unpacking her stuff then we started cooking dinner - pesto pasta and garlic bread. It was amazing but of course my breath was not the nicest so I had to have a few mints!

Then we started getting ready and I wore; a tank top, choker, skinny jeans, boots and a checked shirt.

So Pocahontas and I did the cliche makeup sharing best friend thing and by the time we looked FLAWLESS we jumped into the car and drove of into the sunset.

JKS we had to drive into the lovely Glasgow on Halloween, a Friday night. SCARY!

As we drove down the motorway with none other than Ed Sheeran blasting out of my phone I had to just absorb the atmosphere and the beauty that is - Glasgow at night. Every car that passed had different reasons to be out that night and every passenger had a story. Always remember that who ever you are YOU have touched someone right in the heart and made them feel special, even if you don't think so!

So as we got nearer the venue it became clear how many fans he has and it is weird to think that I was only one in a sea of people that night.

Before going into the venue I HAD to buy a X tour top! I love it!

The staff at the Hydro are super helpful at telling you where to go but I have to admit that I still managed to get lost because I have no sense of direction and I went up and down the stairs what seemed like 5 times before realising that I was right at the top and dead centre! AMAZING!

We arrived when the opening act had only 2 songs to go and there were hardly anyone but as soon as Ed walked on stage the place just became packed and the whole place was so lively. The music started and I got lost in every song as I screamed along with him.

Right now I'm even swaying as I play back some of the songs! It was brilliant.

Even with slow and sad songs he had the audience pouring out their hearts as they sang along!

I managed to lose track of time and didn't even realise that he was on his last song.

As he walked off the crowd demanded an encore and began to cheer until they were blue in the face.

He had to get changed (he was dressed for Halloween) but he casually strolled back on stage and we got what we asked for. The final song was beautiful - SING.

The crowd was told that they had to never stop singing this and I don't think I ever will, it is such a fun song!

The crowd became one and no one wanted it to ever stop as every stood. dancing and singing, pretending that time had stopped.

Of course he walked off but we didn't stop singing. As soon as everyone became quiet and we were leaving some would sing "SING" at the top of their voice and the cluster of people would start singing.

It was something I'll never forget, the crowd now feels like my extended family as we have a bond that is Ed Sheeran.

As we were in the car I began to realise what a brilliant night I had had but of course as it was Halloween so it wasn't over. Pocahontas and I ended the night drinking tea and watching Halloween films until the sun came up, only kidding I fell asleep at 3 in the morning because I'm a loser.


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